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      Service Management


Improve customer satisfaction

Satisfy customer demand with  on-time deliveries.


Reduce Costs

Minimize excess inventory and early identify problems affecting costs of production.


Respond to change faster

Easily alter production schedules and supply deliveries when unexpected changes in demand occur.


Better data visibility

Get real-time data and analysis reports for better decision making and execution.

Surpass your service KPIs and profitability goals


Enhanced customer experience

Impress customers with a modern service approach during their engagement with your service department using mobile automation and personalized notifications.


Better workshop visibility

Keep tabs on work-in-progress real time and anticipate resource constraints.


Increase efficiency and resource utilization

Balance technician workloads and monitor workshop productivity.


Strengthen customer retention rates

Retain customers for repeat business using customer-centric tools such as service reminders and feedback collection.

ERIC6 [05-17-2019] 007 RO Assignment

Service Management

ERIC Service Management is an easy-to-use but comprehensive system that automates all the critical business processes in the service department.  Service managers are provided with clear and concise information to better manage the workshop and ensures that customers can be kept abreast on the repair status of their vehicles.

Service appointments

Repair orders and repair estimates

Technician scheduling and assignment

Technician job in and out activity

Sublet Processing

Parts requisitioning and allocation

Final control upon job completion

Service Invoicing

Warranty Claims Processing

Repair order history

6 - Vehicle Receiving2
8 - Vehicle Checklist

Service Reception App

The ERIC Service Reception App streamlines the vehicle check-in process and ensures customers are served in an orderly manner.  It also facilitates the creation of the vehicle inspection checklist prior to the start of servicing.

Customer and vehicle identification via license plate or VIN scanning using a mobile phone.

Customer and vehicle profile information entry for new customers or vehicles.

Queue number assignment to the customer via SMS

Queue traffic management and prioritization

Vehicle inspection checklist prior to start of service

Available for Android 7.0 and above mobile devices

Technician Job Time App

The ERIC Technician Job Time App allows technicians to report workshop job status and actual completion time using a mobile device.  Other than measuring technician efficiencies, the system can inform customers of the work in progress via SMS notifications which minimizes follow-up calls.

Technician Job-In and Out for assigned service operations

Technician productivity analysis

Vehicle health check tool with photo attachments

Report health check findings to service advisor for referral to customer

Parts requisitioning

Technician Activity Job in out
Technician Activity Job in out completed
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