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       Personnel Management


Achieve Exceptional Personnel Management


Flexible TITO Processing

Supports different modes for processing of employees’ Time In/Time Out


Uploading Support

Supports uploading of various employee data/transaction from excel file


Government Requirements Compliant

Compliant to BIR/SSS/PhilHealth/Pag-Ibig required reports.


Configurable Reports

User-configured query tool with onscreen and hardcopy outputs.

edit personnel hours working listing

Time Card

ERIC Time Card responds to the need for timekeeping efficiency.  This allows businesses to fast track the monotonous timekeeping process. This scheme also provides a report that can be used for reference and can be an instrument in tracking employee performance.  It also provides evident statistics about an employees absences and tardiness. 

Flexible work day, rest day, and holiday definitions

Facility for complex operating schedule definitions

Supports different modes for processing of employees’ Time In/Time Out (Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, and Auto TITO Uploading)

Company-defined grace periods and tolerances

Mass Overtime Scheduling

User-defined overtime rates

◣ Time Card Register in Excel using a user-defined report template

edit personnel payroll-payslip


ERIC Payroll handles the maintenance of employee information and the computation of salary earned based on worked hours. Employee worked hours can be manually inputted into the system or obtained from the ERIC Time Card module.  The module also provides transaction reports and printed pay slips.
It also provides a comprehensive facility to handle process plans, deductions and entitlements.

Offers automatic Withholding Tax, SSS, Pag-Ibig, and other contribution computations based on standard government tables.

User-defined income and deductions effective/given for a certain period

◣ Salary payments by cash, check, or direct bank account transfer (system generated disk conforming to bank format)

User-defined benefit packages

Multiple salary pay types (monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and daily basis)

◣ Standard and individual pay slip messages

BIR - TRAIN Law Compliant and supports “de minimis” processing

Compliant to SSS/PhilHealth/Pag-Ibig required reports

Payroll Register in Excel using a user defined report template

Monthly and Quarterly Withholding Tax and SSS reports

Seamless integration with ERIC Time Card and General Ledger


edit personnel pwi

Personnel Web Inquiry

ERIC Personnel Web Inquiry is an inquiry and request portal for wages, benefits, deductions, and time keeping. PWI gives employees secure and easy access to compensation information. It enables users to provide prompt employee services such as certificate, leave, overtime, and undertime requests with minimal administrative load.

Requests and Approvals for Overtimes,  Leaves, Shift Change, and Official Business

Government deductions, Income, Loans, Leaves, Net Pay Inquiry, and Time-In/Time-Out of employees

User-defined rules for late/advance filling of schedule

Security questions for retrieving forgotten passwords


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