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      Business Intelligence

Improve customer satisfaction

Satisfy customer demand with  on-time deliveries.

Reduce Costs

Minimize excess inventory and early identify problems affecting costs of production.

Respond to change faster

Easily alter production schedules and supply deliveries when unexpected changes in demand occur.

Better data visibility

Get real-time data and analysis reports for better decision making and execution.

Pre-built but customizable analysis cubes

Multi-dimensional OLAP cubes are provided for analyzing sales, purchasing, inventory, and financial data.

Easy-to-use charting tools

Creating charts and tables are never simpler.  A wide selection of chart styles is available for better data representation.

Always Up-to-Date

Your personal dashboards are based on the latest system data available.  This provides timely information for better business decisions.

Export to MS Office

Export all tables and charts to Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for expanded reporting.

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