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Customer Support

We listen to customer or client complaints or concerns and work to resolve their issues.

The Customer Support Specialist Team serves as the intermediary between JSI and its customers for issues; obtaining information on reported issues by clients and properly sharing it to the appropriate teams to resolve them.


Receiving customer queries reported via phone or e-mail.

Responding to customer inquiries, via phone or email, in a timely and accurate way.


Creating cases in CRM based on details given by clients.

Advising clients on cases created and providing reference numbers for recordkeeping.

Providing complete information to the handling teams for thorough investigation of issues


Notifying clients on additional pieces of information necessary for the resolution of reported tickets.

Constant monitoring of handling teams regarding the status of pending cases.

Closing of Cases

Case Reporting

Case Logging

Case Updating


Following up with customers to ensure their reported issues are resolved.

Properly recording actions done on cases in order to expedite resolutions for cases of similar nature in the future.

Gathering feedback from clients on how cases were handled.

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