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Our Mission and Vision

We are IT professionals dedicated to creating effective, responsive and cost-efficient business solutions that address the needs of clients across industries.

We aspire to become a leading force in the local industry, establish a strong regional presence, and eventually capture the global market through world-class products and services.

With a pro-active management that encourages technical and professional growth, rewards excellent performance, and balances short-term and long term goals.

We pledge to adhere to the highest professional standards towards the realization of our goals.

This is our commitment to our clients, our employees, our suppliers, and our stockholders.


Jupiter Systems Inc. (JSI) is part of The Nexus Group. Nexus Technologies Inc.: Premier IT Corporate Solutions Provider and Value Corporate Reseller.  Offers a full breadth of commercial and enterprise hardware and software products and services that boasts of global standards of quality, reliability and value in their category supplied only by leading IT companies. Learn More >



Jupiter Systems Inc. (JSI) is a Philippine-based IT company dedicated to delivering business solutions for small to large scale companies globally. We are one of the most experienced software companies in the Philippines and one of the pioneers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the country. Learn More >


Join Our Team!

Jupiter Systems Inc. (JSI) is constantly in the lookout for the best and the brightest in IT business software development and business application. As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome fresh talent with the interest and drive in the challenging world of enterprise resource planning solutions.  Learn More >



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