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       Financial Management


Attain Financial Clarity


Real-time Financials

Keep abreast of your company’s financial performance anytime.


Quicker Period-end Closeouts

Journal entries from throughout the system are posted automatically and are easily reconciled.


BIR CAS Compliant

CAS rules and regulations are built into the system.  No add-ons required.


Flexible Reporting

Format the financial report you need without resorting to Excel.

General Ledger

ERIC General Ledger provides up-to-date and accurate information on your company’s financial condition. Journal entries from other ERIC modules are posted in real time and are easily reconcilable allowing you to close your books early.

Flexible chart of accounts setup with multiple segments representing divisions, departments, and profit/cost centers.

Multi-currency support

Journal vouchers with recurring and reversing options

Upfront or period-end allocations of G/L Balances

Financial reports:  Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement

Built-in Financial Report Writer for user-customized financial reports

Drill down capability for all financial reports

Multiple budget scenarios and allocation routines

Intercompany consolidation

balance sheet
ERIC 6(05-29-2019) 001 Customer AR Inqui

Accounts Receivable

ERIC Accounts Receivable facilitates effective cash flow management and improves collections. On-line inquiry and reporting facilities help identify past due or delinquent accounts and customers exceeding their credit limits.

Cash receipt processing with provisional receipt, collection receipt, and official receipt printing

Deposit slip preparation and printing

Replace provisional receipts with official receipts

Credit and Debit memos

Returned check processing

Customer deposits and advances

Outstanding receivables reports with user-defined aging periods

Customer Statements with dunning messages

Tax Withheld at Source (TWAS) Processing

Accounts Payable

ERIC Accounts Payable effectively manages supplier payables and schedules disbursements. Extensive query and reporting options give immediate access to payables information and recommendations cost-saving measures.

Invoice payables with three-way invoice matching

Cash disbursements with bank balance sufficiency checking

Check voucher printing

Debit/Credit Memos

Miscellaneous payments

Advances to suppliers

Check Reversal

Hold/Release Payables

Payables aging reports

Withholding tax processing all required BIR forms and reports


edited ERIC 6(05-17-2019) 006 Check Vouc
ERIC 6(05-17-2019) 007 Bank Reconciliati

Cash Management

ERIC Cash Management provides additional tools to manage and audit cash related transactions.  It also provides reports to project future liquidity scenarios to alert you of potential problems

Petty cash processing with cash advances and expense liquidation

Multiple petty cash counters and shift closing

Intrabank fund transfers

Automatic bank reconciliation with electronic bank statements or paper statements via OCR scanning

Foreign currency revaluation

Projected cash flow reports

Fixed Assets

As your company acquires more fixed assets, the task to account for their whereabouts and depreciation costs becomes more tedious and time-consuming.  The ERIC Fixed Assets module was designed to address this need, allowing you to maintain useful information of each asset from the time of acquisition to disposal.

Fixed assets depreciation using straight line, declining balance, double declining or sum of years digits methods

Fixed asset transfer

Fixed asset disposal or abandonment

Asset label template and printing

Fixed asset custodian assignment

Asset depreciation schedules

Asset monitoring and accountability reports

fam depreciation
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