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      Parts Management


Improve customer satisfaction

Satisfy customer demand with  on-time deliveries.


Reduce Costs

Minimize excess inventory and early identify problems affecting costs of production.


Respond to change faster

Easily alter production schedules and supply deliveries when unexpected changes in demand occur.


Better data visibility

Get real-time data and analysis reports for better decision making and execution.

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Have the right parts available

Our parts replenishment logic ensures needed parts are kept in inventory at the appropriate levels while reducing overall inventory investment.

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Achieve high inventory accuracy

Our cycle counting tools maintain reliable inventory information and minimizes operation disruptions caused by unexpected stock outs.

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Easier Picking and Putaway

Use bin locations to easily locate parts for picking.  Use putaway for efficient storage of items based on pre-designated location types and item dimensions.


Automation Friendly

Use barcode devices to speed-up warehouse transactions and increase labor efficiency

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Parts Sales and Billing

Automate your sales fulfillment operations with ERIC Parts Sales and Billing.  The system is highly configurable and can adopt to multiple pricing and billing scenarios that you may require.

Point-of-sale (POS) and order-to-deliver modes

Sales quotations

Multiple pricing schemes

Deals and promos

Supersessions and substitute items

Credit checking and order hold

Stock availability checking and reservations

Consignment sales

Delivery receipt and invoice Printing

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Inventory Management

ERIC Inventory Management provides real-time transaction updates and cycle counting measures to achieve high inventory accuracy.  Its customizable put-away logic ensures efficient utilization of the parts warehouse space.

Multiple warehouse support

Bin/Location management

Barcode scanning support with label printing

Serial and lot-number support

Receipts, put-away, picking, and stock transfer transactions

Stock replenishment with automatic ordering

Cycle counting

Interface with parts catalog system from manufacturers.


ERIC Purchasing provides comprehensive features for your procurement processes.  Make better purchasing decisions and track incoming orders in whatever status they may be.

Purchase requisitions

Purchase requisition approval using a desktop or mobile device

Check purchase expenditure requests against budget

Request for quotations and item canvassing

Support for local, foreign and sublet purchase orders

Purchase order approval via a mobile device

Import shipments and landed cost computation

Purchase histories

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